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Consultants to CWP "Celebrated Slimmer’s" 2014 & 2015, and 2 “Slimmer of the year finalists” 2015

  • Wolverhampton weight loss clinic - Bushbury, Wolverhampton
  • Appointments available Monday to Saturday from 7:30am till 10:30pm
  • Appointments available in the comfort of your home or workplace 
  • 1-2-1 Appointment 
  • Certified Nutrition, Exercise & Medical Specialists
  • No consultation or joining fee!
  • Private Facebook group for additional Support & Motivation
  • Free Maintenance Support 
  • Card Payments accepted 

Matt – I spent most of my childhood through to late 20s, struggling with my weight and as a result “yo-yo” dieting. I tried all diets I could find but none worked for me, and then in 2008, I ended up the heavier and in a XXXL shirt, and with a 56” waist, my confidence plummeted. It was then I was diagnosed of having severe medical issues, I then found CWP and as I found the new me, the happier me was waiting just around the corner.

I lost 8 stone in 5 1/2 months* and becoming a Medium size shirt and a 34" waist, my confidence returned, and I got back my life. I became a Consultant in 2009 and I was on the cover of the Cambridge Inspiration Magazine, telling my story to all. I now feel full of life, and since then we have helped hundreds to experience this same feeling, let us help you feel the same!

Kevin – After realising the success that Matt had, and suffering with IBS, I started CWP to help ensure I was eating correct, and to finally gain a more healthy relationship with food, and lost that little extra spare tyre that was taking shape.

We work in a straight forward, practical way taking into account lifestyle factors to find the plan that suits you. We pride ourselves on motivation, understanding, enthusiasm and encouragement every step of the way, not just losing weight but keeping it off too. Each client is treated as an individual and in confidence.

Also once you have reached your goal, like many of our maintainers we offer a FREE weigh in on a regular basis to ensure you maintain your weight loss. It is the reporting mechanism that keeps you in check. It is the key and is FREE – We want to help you maintain!

Contact US and achieve your goals

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Mobile: 07779 246207


6 Farmers Fold Wolverhampton WV10 8AD

Telephone: 07779 246207


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Hi - my name is Tracy and I'm here to help you achieve your own personal weight loss goals.

Having struggled for years with my own weight I know how hard it is to find the right products, the best people around you to support your momentous decision to lose weight, and to achieve a steady loss over a period of time.  More importantly, I've been where you are now so can talk from personal experience. 

Each session is one to one, no groups or embarrassing weigh ins in front of strangers.  I'm here to listen, advise and help you through your journey - for some it's simple, and for others more challenging. 

Whatever your reasons for deciding to do this - I'm here for you.   Based in Wellingborough, Northants, I can provide home visits to suit your own availability. Do get in touch if you wish to know more or want to have a chat about how Cambridge Weight Plan can and will work for you.


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Mobile: 07854 832133


Wellingborough Northamptonshire NN8 3QT

Telephone: 07854 832133


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Hello, my name is Julia and welcome to my profile.


Cambridge Weight Plan helped me to find a solution after years of yo-yo dieting, I lost weight and inches quickly and have maintained my weight loss, giving me back my confidence and re-educating my eating habits.


I received amazing 1-1 support from my Consultant and I want to be able to pass that support to others with their personal journey. I pride myself on helping, understanding, encouraging and motivating you every step of the way.


I am part of an award winning team and I offer a one to one no obligation consultation, during the day or evening to suit.  I work from a private room at my home or I can provide mobile visits to suit and all visits will be confidential.


The plan is easy to follow, made up of a flexible six-step programme, allowing you to choose the perfect Step that fits you and your lifestyle. You can choose the complete meal replacement option, or opt for one of our programmes that include healthy eating alongside meal replacements. It is not a short term diet, it is a long term lifestyle change to re-educate your old eating habits and maintain your weight loss for good.


Once you have achieved your goal, I offer a free weigh in and support on a regular basis to ensure to maintain your weight loss and your fantastic new look!


Please feel free to call, text, e mail or contact via facebook for more information or offers.


Hope to hear from you soon




•Private, confidential appointments on a one-to-one basis from my home

•Home visits available on request, flexible appointments.

•No contract. No consultation fees. No joining fees. No delivery charges.

•I accept cash, bank transfer or Credit/Debit card.

•I am based in Newcastle but I will cover all surrounding areas.

If you would like more information or are interested in starting Cambridge Weight Plan, please contact me via telephone, text, email or Facebook.


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Mobile: 07944 253347


Newcastle - under - Lyme Staffs ST5 4HH

Telephone: 07944 253347


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My name is Sarah Barnes Banton. I have battled with my weight since the age of sixteen. In my thirties I had two children and I found it incredibly hard to lose my baby weight. Then a friend recommended the Cambridge Weight Plan. I lost weight quickly I went from a size sixteen to a size ten and have maintained my weight ever since. 

I can't tell you how good this makes me feel. Now I would like to help you to do the same and to be the person you want to be.

I run a successful Hair Dressing Salon where I have a private consulting room and offer one to one consultations for safe, healthy weight loss with the Cambridge Weight Plan.

Allow me to give you the confidence to achieve you goals

Contact Details

Mobile: 07968 699130


Newhall Derbyshire DE11 0TN

Telephone: 01283 550730


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Free Consultations. Free Ongoing Support.

Consultations in the convenience of your home or workplace.

 Daytime or evening visits

Individuals or Groups

However much or little weight you wish to lose,

Call now for information and a chat about how the plan can easily fit with your individual needs and lifestyle.

Following a knee injury in my mid 50's I became very inactive. Over a couple of years, my weight ballooned up to a size 26, making the knee problem even worse. My usual leisure activities of walking and cycling became history. Feeling fat and dejected, it looked like my only option would be surgery. I made several attempts to lose weight by the usual routes of calorie counting, weighing and measuring ingredients, plus some of the fad diets of juicing and blitzing, but after a lot of hard work had only lost a drop in the ocean.

Then i saw the results somebody at work had achieved with the Cambridge Wight Plan and decided to give it a try.

It has changed my life. At 60 I feel younger and fitter than I've felt for years. Having dropped to a size 16, my knee no longer complains. I spend my leisure time walking Welsh mountains, indulging in my hobby of photography, or pootling on my bicycle. I don't get out of breath easily, but if I'm carrying a heavy back pack, I remind myself that it only weighs a fraction of the weight I've lost!

The plan has worked for me, so why not try it yourself. With the fantastic support I received from my Consultant, I've dropped 5 dress sizes and feel fabulous!

Been there, done it, and now wearing a much smaller T-shirt!!!


Contact Details

Mobile: 07952 860227


Nantwich Cheshire CW5 7NL

Telephone: 07952 860227


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Well It's that time of year again, when we all need to lose some extra weight.

We all have ourNew Year's Resolutionsand the main one beingLOSING WEIGHT.  Well don't delay no further it's time to make that call, so I can help you achieve one of your New Year's resolutions and believe me it will not take you long at all. 

I am a fully qualified Cambridge Consultant, qualifying in July 2012 also qualifying as a Sponsor in 2015 so not only can I help you lose weight,  I can also help and guide you to becoming a Cambridge Consultant. 

Cambridge Weight Plan is the only weight plan I have used, I was amazed by the results. I have decreased my dress size from a large 14 to a 10 in a short period of time.

Having been on the Cambridge Weight Plan myself I will be able to guide you through the plan and give you the support and motivation you need.

Private one to one sessions or group sessions welcome.

Based in Rednal (off  Leach Green Lane)

Call or email me to book an appointment. (Weekend mornings available and weekly evening appointments)

Contact Details

Mobile: 07875 385752


Rednall Birmingham B45 8EE

Telephone: 0121 4579921


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I am a MOBILE Consultant, home or work place, whichever suits you. I can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Contact me on 07773 456866 or send me an email and let's get you started with free 1-2-1 Consultations

Would you like to look good for your events what ever they may be? Are you fed up failing at every diet you try? Would you like free 1-2-1 support?

My name is Sykes and together we can achieve your goals and dreams. I lost my weight last year for my holiday and for the first time in years, I felt amazing! Let me help you feel that way too. I can offer home visits or you are welcome to come to me. I am now maintaining my weight and have completely changed my lifestyle, all thanks to Cambridge Weight Plan. I would like you to feel good. feel confident in family pictures not hiding in the back.

Call me for a no obligation chat or text, or email me and see how Cambridge Weight Plan can help you too.

Sykes x






 “I am a diabetic and I needed to lose 2 stone. I work with Sykes and I had a chat and got started on step 3, it was amazing.  Sykes helped and supported me through the diet each week, guiding me.  I am maintaining my weight now and my family and GP are happy with the results, all thanks to Sykes.”

Contact Details

Mobile: 07773 456866


Banbury Oxfordshire OX16 0RG

Telephone: 07773 456866


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It's not too late make 2015 your year to lose those excess lbs. 

Maybe you have a big event coming up in your life for which you want to look trim. Maybe you have been thinking of losing weight for some time, or maybe you need to get into that party dress. Whatever the reason, now is the time to do something about it.

I want you to feel the success so many of my clients have felt and the freedom to be your true self!

Over the years I have tried a number of different weight loss programmes with some mediocre of success. However, none of these diets provided me with a one to one Consultant or taught me how to maintain my weight loss. Needless to say the weight soon piled back on.

Then a friend introduced me to Cambridge Weight Plan and I have never looked back.

Now I want to help others achieve their weight loss goals, whether it is half a stone or 10 stone. Cambridge Weight Plan is not a one size fits all weight loss programme, together we will find the right one for you and it doesn't stop there. Once you have reached your goal, I can help you maintian your new weight with free monthly weigh ins and my continued support. You don't have to do this alone.

I am a full-time Consultant based in an easily accessible village just off the A1 in Lincolnshire . My consultations are on a one-to-one basis (or you can come with a friend) in my home-based office and are available at mutually acceptable times. I will work around a time that suits you.

I carry the full stock of all Cambridge products and am happy to take card payments.

I also provide a mobile Consultancy Service to your home or workplace covering areas within a 25 mile radius.

Please contact me for my latest offers!

Don’t put it off any longer, give me a call or email me on the details shown above, to find out more and ask for your FREE, friendly, no obligation initial consultation.

I also have a walk in centre in Skegness my postcode is PE25 2TF on the Cambridge Website for more details.

Hope to see you soon.


Contact Details

Mobile: 07783 141380


9 Station Avenue South Withal NG33 5QF

Telephone: 01572 767464


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