Dove Release

The White Dove has always been a symbol of peace and love, so what better way to celebrate and share your special day with your family and guests than with the magical moments of releasing pure white doves.


These are the moments that you and your guests will cherish in your hearts forever and enjoy lasting memories of this wonderful display.


White doves pair for life; they represent love and new beginnings, bringing a touch of living beauty to your special day.


We will co-ordinate with your wedding planner, photographer/videographer to help make your day very special.  It is vital for us to liaise with your photographer in order to set the scene, ensuring the memorable moment of the dove release is captured forever.


These are the moments that you will cherish in your heart forever, enjoying the lasting memories of this magical moment, captured by your photographer.


Our cages and baskets are in pristine condition, they can be decorated to colour co-ordinate with your wedding theme on request.


Our professional team arrive early at your chosen venue to make sure the displays are in place for your arrival.  Always dressed appropriately, our team supervise the safety of the doves and help with their smooth release, either from your hand or basket release.

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The white dove has always been a symbol of peace, love, freedom and new beginnings. It is the very essence of innocence and gentleness.

Throughout history, white doves have been released at special events and celebrations and there is nothing quite like the sight of a pure white dove or doves being released, then watching them circle high before making their way back home. Truly a moment to cherish. We offer a personal and professional service to ensure your special occasion goes to plan.

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Dove Release at Weddings

A Dove release is one of the most least expensive service for your wedding and it is the most special and unusual of them all.

Two Snow White Doves are released from a beautiful wicker basket, or by hand, by the Bride and Groom; the birds take wing symbolising the new couples life together.

At that precious moment more Snow White Doves are released by the Best Man and Maid of Honour symbolising the uniting of the families of the Bride and Groom.

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