Looking for a unique addition for your wedding? Trying to find a method of filling some time? Ever wondered what it feels like to have one of the fastest creatures in the world on your arm? Then why not have the opportunity for all your friends and family to experience nature at first hand with you on your special day.


Falconry is one of the oldest sports in existence today. It is the art of catching food for the table. Hopefully your meal is catered for on the day!  Therefore we offer 'Falconry at First Hand' - a hands on experience package and 'A Birds Eye View Experience' - a flying experience.


Our service can be undertaken indoors or outside during your drinks reception or at any other suitable times in your schedule where falcons can be experienced up close in a very relaxed affair.


After receiving increasing demand for our wedding services annually, the team at Hawkeye Falconry UK, decided to venture further and set up this website in 2017, to allow for more detail to be shared about our services for weddings.


Make no mistake, the services listed on this website are purely undertaken by Hawkeye Falconry UK, so please do refer back to the main Hawkeye website for even more information about the team, news and upcoming events.

The team simply love undertaking weddings, as we all feel very privileged to be part of your day. This is the simple reason that this website exists today.

Contact Details

Website: www.falconryweddings.co.uk

Hawkeye Falconry Ludlow Shropshire SY8 3XA

Telephone: 01584 777299

Email: info@hawkeyefalconry.co.uk

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Wedding Falconry – Give Your Guests A Great Time
Amazing wedding falconry events - The sky's the limit.

Make your celebrations swing after the ceremony and entertain your guests with some wedding falconry or bird of prey display. The lull between the ceremony and reception can prove difficult to manage. If the only resort for your guests is the bar this can lead to a bit of over consumption early in the celebrations. However, having your guests hold and get an up close experience with the birds will be a great event. Flying sessions can also be provided so some of the birds will fly free to your guests fists.

Make your wedding even more amazing with our wedding falconry options. All of these are great additions to your wedding celebrations so read on and see what you think will suit your special occasion. If you think you need something different please call and we will do our best to make it happen.

Owl Ring Bearer

Wow your guests and have an amazing owl deliver your rings at that special moment on your wedding day. You can have Romeo the beautiful barn owl fly down the aisle and deliver the rings to the Best Man, Groom or whoever you may choose!

Guaranteed to impress as Romeo (or another of our fantastic birds) floats down between your guests and lands gracefully on a beautiful white glove and deliver the rings. An unforgettable addition to your wedding day! You can visit us for a training session or we will arrive in time to give training on the day.

The Falconer's Cadge.

Have a team of perfectly presented falcons so you and your guests can spend time marvelling at their beauty and perfection. This is a hands on wedding falconry experience and this will certainly give your guests a great time.

The cadge is a traditional device used for carrying falcons. In the days before quad bikes and four by fours an older member of the team was allocated the job of carrying the cadge of falcons out into the hunting grounds. We will attend with our cadge and at least four fantastic falcons. They will happily sit on any of your guests fists for close up interaction and photos. We will tell your guests all about the history and excitement of falconry's past.

As the cadge is portable we can be located indoors or out and we will bring an artificial grass floor protector to use if needed.

Meet & Greet with Elvis the Eagle Owl

We will arrive before the ceremony and our falconer will welcome your guests to the venue with our large, majestic and very friendly Eurasian Eagle Ow. Elvis will sit on your guests fists for photos and everyone will be wowed by his presence but he's a big softy at heart, and he loves a good wedding.

Contact Details

Mobile: 07970 813053 07868 243490

Website: www.wedding-birds-of-prey.co.uk

The Falconer's Lodge Stonton Road Church Langton Market Harborough LE16 7SZ

Telephone: 01858 540393

Email: enq@wedding-birds-of-prey.co.uk

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