Our feet not only take the weight of our bodies but, with every step, they affect our balance and posture. They are vitally important, and yet so often neglected.

Our feet effectively cushion our ankles, knees, hips and spine. Ailments such as callous, corns, and ingrown toenails can affect all of these joints, sometimes resulting in medical problems.

Simply reaching our own feet to treat them can prove difficult and, if we get it wrong, at times painful.That’s where specialist training comes in.

And when you are attending an important event such as a Wedding or anniversary, you must feel comfortable in your shoes and relaxed, thats why it is so important to have your feet checked in advance so that on the day you feel comfortable and confident.

I will relieve you of the discomforts caused by hard skin, badly cut nails, thickened nails and corns as well as give you sound advice on foot care.

I will treat you in the comfort of your own home and make sure your feet are in tip top condition for that important day ! So contact me now for prices and times available.

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Mobile: 07968659425

Hollywood Wythall B47 5NQ

Telephone: 01564 200802


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Many people get confused as to which treatment they require. If you have specific concerns about your feet, have discoloured or thickened toenails that are hard to cut or hard skin that is unmanageable, then Foot health care is the treatment for you. If you have normal nails, dry or hard skin, overgrown cuticles and wish to have a polish and a nice relaxing pampering session, then one of our beautiful pedicures will suit you more!


Similar to a chiropodist and podiatrist a foot health practitioner is able to care for and treat a wide variety of conditions that affect the feet.


Sharon Beddow can offer treatments that are individually tailored and suitable for all ages including nail trimming, corn and callus removal, fungal nail, athlete’s foot, verrucae treatments and diabetic foot care.


When you are getting married and walking down the aisle the last thing you or your Bridesmaids or Mother of the Bride wants is to look as if you are in pain, so that is why it is wise to have your feet checked and treated in advance of the most important day of your life.


I also offer a range of Beauty treatments including Cellulite concentrating on the Thighs and Buttocks, so call me now for further details. Enjoy your treatment! 


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Mobile: 07917 015525


Broseley Near Bridgnorth and Telford

Telephone: 07917 015525


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About Me


Hi, my name is Bev and I own and run Bev Ramscar Foot Care.

I am a qualified Foot Health Practitioner (DipCFHP, MVR, MPSPract, T.A.Th). I gained my Diploma at the College of Foot Health Practitioners in the West Midlands.

I have received extensive training, both theoretical and practical, with emphasis placed on ensuring that I provide the best possible foot treatment.


I am a member of the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners and continually update my practice, through continuing professional development (CPD) so I am aware of all of the latest techniques and practices.


My background is nursing, working in both the hospital and community care environments, but I developed an interest in foot care and decided to pursue this as my career going forward.


I offer a friendly and reliable service, with competitive prices for the treatments I provide and I have many satisfied clients.


My footcare clinic is in Tamworth town centre at 109A Lichfield Street and I also provide home visits in;

•Tamworth (Staffordshire) and surrounding area

•Burton-upon-Trent (Derbyshire)

•Uttoxeter (Staffordshire)


I am passionate about ensuring that I provide a professional service and promote good foot health.




I offer the following treatments (diabetic foot care included);

•Initial consultation and treatment (approximately 1 hour)

•Heel fissure treatment

•Nail cutting and filing only

•Ingrown toenails



•Callus (hard skin)

•Nail infections

•Preformed insoles (P.O.A based on requirements)

•Customised Orthitic insoles; consultation, assessment and fitting

•Pedicure only available

•Various specialist foot creams

•Gift certificates available


•I now also offer Thermo-Auricular Therapy (HOPI Ear Candles)


Forever Living


I have been using Forever Living aloe vera products myself for a couple of years now.

I am a great believer in ‘try before you buy’, and with these products I am happy to be an Independent distributor for them based on my own and my families positive personal experiences with them.


To learn more and/or buy any of the products in their range, you can either contact me directly over the phone or in the clinic, or you can follow the link below (just click on it), which will take you through to my online shop…..enjoy!

         Forever Living Online Shop!         


Contact Details

Mobile: 07557 473190


109A Lichfield Street Tamworth Staffs B79 7QB

Telephone: 01827 251856


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