Our feet not only take the weight of our bodies but, with every step, they affect our balance and posture. They are vitally important, and yet so often neglected.

Our feet effectively cushion our ankles, knees, hips and spine. Ailments such as callous, corns, and ingrown toenails can affect all of these joints, sometimes resulting in medical problems.

Simply reaching our own feet to treat them can prove difficult and, if we get it wrong, at times painful.That’s where specialist training comes in.

And when you are attending an important event such as a Wedding or anniversary, you must feel comfortable in your shoes and relaxed, thats why it is so important to have your feet checked in advance so that on the day you feel comfortable and confident.

I will relieve you of the discomforts caused by hard skin, badly cut nails, thickened nails and corns as well as give you sound advice on foot care.

I will treat you in the comfort of your own home and make sure your feet are in tip top condition for that important day ! So contact me now for prices and times available.

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Mobile: 07968659425

Hollywood Wythall B47 5NQ

Telephone: 01564 200802


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