Reception Decoration

Confetti petals is a small  family- run Agri tourism business just outside Hurley in North Warwickshire.


The farm itself had 23 acres of farm land which had not been tended or cropped since the mid seventies. Although I am a keen gardener 23 acres of garden is beyond me, even Monty Don and his dog would struggle, so we racked our brains as to what we could do. To not use the land productively seemed so wasteful, but we could not compete with local farmers who and been growing crops all their lives, when at a friend’s wedding an idea struck me! 


The table was decorated in plastic confetti which might take 80 years to bio-degrade. I wonder “ Could I grow flowers for confetti” ???


We are still awaiting the answer on that one.  Three years of research led us to delphiniums and larkspur as the flowers to grow and common sense told us that our spades and forks and a friendly farmer with a tractor was what we required.  Like a white knight on a tractor Andrew a local farmer came to our rescue, he planted maize as an organic way or clearing the land whilst we got on with the job of renovating the farm house.


In  April 2014 our first  6 acres of seed was planted, in 4 months we would have fields full of flowers in nine gorgeous colours, from the palest pinks to the most vivid blues. Those first flowers were dried in our barn and today are waiting to be sent off for some ones special day, making the magic blossom.


Confetti Petals arrived!

Contact Details

Mobile: 07896 726614


Old Rail Farm Hurley Common Kingsbury Warwickshire CV9 2LS

Telephone: 01827 875902


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